8-24 TASK Build Quotation Intro
GOAL Tie Up Loose Ends
- Created Home Page for Quotations... Happy Little Accident. I like, I like a lot.
- Finished Lisa Nichols and now live. Very Inspiring Story. FFF@F
8-19 TASK Tweek Visuals
GOAL Obviously Need to Focus

- Lost Sunday.... It's Monday wondering where Sunday went. Could be worse.
- 2 redos on Motivation Station winner's podium jumping... Nailed it...!

8-17 TASK Build Animations
GOAL Add Focus Station
- Animate Rejuvination, Motivation and Celebration Stations
- A complex orchestra of visuals... lots of tweeking. Leaves at 300mil seconds rotation.

- 3 different sequences tried for Rejuvinaiton Station... Nailed it...!
8-13 TASK AGG Intro
GOAL Get Back on Schedule
- Spent whole day on intro to aggrivation station.
- 3 phtoshop total revsions. Must be done right.
8-10 TASK Focus
GOAL Get Back on Schedule
- Adding FOCUS to the Affirmation Station
- Suicide rates for kids rose 33% between 1999 and 2017. This effort will save lives.
8-9 TASK Abandonment
GOAL Find Matching Music
- Hello Abandonment, my old friend. Added Abandonment to the Aggrivation Station.
8-6 TASK Hold on
GOAL Um... Hold on
- Off schedule. Roller Coaster day, Roller Coaster week.
8-5 TASK Forward
GOAL Move Forward
- On schedule to have 20 themes ready when I open to the public.
8-4 TASK Rest
- So much corruption in the news. Taking a day off for rest. Day ended well...!
8-3 TASK Inspire
GOAL 10 Days Build 10 Pages
- Added OPTIMISIM to the Affirmation Station. Standing on the train station platform wiser.
8-2 TASK Dust Myself Off
GOAL 10 Days Build 10 Pages
- Added TEARS to the Rejuvination Station. A sad train at the station, all day.

8-1 TASK Inspire
GOAL Reflection

- First 10 days in the bag. Very proud.

- When an idea sits and simmers for 20 years it takes a while for the "great ideas" to rise to the top. Forgot all about the CELEBRATION STATION per the wonder and joy of that amazing day when I stepped out of the darkness and into the light.

- Nixed the RELAXATION STATION because... well becasue every station here leads there.

7-31 TASK Laugh
GOAL Hustle My Bustle
- First in a long series of Vegitation Station Memes is up and running.
- Worth seeing but I wouldn't pay to see it :)
7-30 TASK Rejuvenation Part II
GOAL Wrap Up Loose Ends

- Rejuvenation page done. Took two days to craft. Quality over quantity. Work, sleep, play and love. Will find time to dabble on something fun at days end.

- Added 8 memes to the Santification Station. Finally found memes that have teeth. Good medicine...!!!!!

7-29 TASK Rejuvenation Station
GOAL Move Fingers Fast Today
- Rejuvenation a favorite. Must spend most of my week in sales mode. No work, no play, no midwest vacay... forward.... forward... forward... 

7-28 TASK Sanctification Station
GOAL Give Thanks

- Took 48 hours to decide on spirituality banner. So much "noise" pushed off on me as a child that I want to do this right.
- Artwork in rough form. My Spirit STRONG. Have lost 5 pounds this week... whew.
- Screwup: BRIDGES page posted Eagles Seven Bridges Road... Nixed. For those who can't let go of bad memories... Deana Carter now rocks the page.

7-27 TASK Inspiration Station / Bridges
GOAL Inspire

- I LOVE BRIDGES. Crafted from steel, wood or stone... I just flip'n love bridges.
- Crossing a bridge can be felt thru paintings, prose or song. Sometimes as a step forward to a new and better day. That's powerful.

7-26 TASK Admiration Station / Partnership
GOAL Inspire
- Not sure who is seeing this... just know this is an important effort. Doubtful much money is to be made here.
- These "rules of the heart" that I've gathered have been long in learning. Today's youth are even more confused than when I was a teenager. My best hope is that one wayward pair of souls find their way thru all the "noise" and find love.
7-25 TASK Build "Inspire Block" collage
GOAL Move My Fingers Faster
- Early this morning got to see the first full demo of meme collection unfold before my eyes... and I like it. Full... Rewarding... - - Huge Effort on all Fronts... Beautiful Day.
7-24 TASK Complete AD Station Templete
GOAL Make a Difference
- Smart phones didn't exist in 1998 when the artwork above was fashioned. So do I scale this for laptops or for smart phones? I know the answer but don't have the skill set, so I'm laptop bound and port to mobile later.
7-23 TASK Play with AD Station Templete
GOAL Touch a Heart
- Weedwacking today... Creative ideas of monster proportion flow while weedwacking.
- Could not concentrate Dan Hartman song stuck firmly in my head. Found myself whistle'n cheerfully while working earlier.


I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail, than to attempt nothing and succeed.



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